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is the new-look gold b bear logo and a little meaner. nike created the new line of uniforms which will be rolled out just in time for football season in september. nike will cover the cost of the uniforms for the cash-strapped athletic department. nike has the money to do that. >> of course. sharp uniforms. to look good is to play good, right? >> that's what you say. >> words to live by. christina loren is here to tell us -- not quite as warm as yesterday, but a decent day out there. >> just do it. just get on outside today. it's going to be nice. it's those room temperature readings that we yearn for come the summertime. we had that early taste of summer yesterday. some people loved it. some people came on a little bit too quickly. today's welcomed cooldown for some. 60 degrees in san jose. running about 15 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. you'll notice that different if you haven't yet walked out your front door. 5 degrees in san francisco. they hit 80 yesterday. today, looking more like 65 degrees. look at the difference. 88 degrees in walnut creek. today, just 76 degrees. let
an enormous shoe that nike created for an elephant. >> an elephant shoe? >> an elephant shoe. we have it, there is a picture of it. see it is quite stylish. it's got like remnants of the swooshes on the side. the pink. it's got the shoelaces. nice sole. designed to fit the appearance of an elephant. this was a female elephant, bendula, developing arthritis, because she was unbalanced. one of her legs was shorter than the other one, so nike developed a shoe just for her so she could balance herself out and not be in so much pain. >> pretty cool. >> kind of cool. >> and make it pink. if it is a lady's shoe. >> what i love about nike, they d the swoosh. it is tattered, torn, when it was given to the elephant, how long ago. she was also out in the wild with this thing. >> pink thing, that's the swoosh? >> the remnants of swooshes. >> all right, now this is interesting. drinking alcohol regularly could lower your risk of arthritis. new study from britain. alcohol has a protective effect against rheumatoid arthritis and also a mild pain killing effect, anti-inflammatory. painkilling seems obvi
to be able to be the complete jason collins every day for the rest of his life. >> reporter: nike is one of collins' sponsors and they are supporting his decision to go public by saying, "nike believes in a level playing field where an athlete's sexual orientation is not a consideration. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >>ç cheryl, thank you. the 34-year-old collins played four years at stanford helping to lead the team to the final four. he's played for six nba teams, most recently for the washington wi sgrch wizards a is currently a free al agent. >> the person he confided in was his aunt and she's a judge. she's a bit surprised by the crush of media attention in response to her nephew's announcement. jackson's office is filled with pictures of jason and his twin brother jaren. she said collins came out to her a few years ago but she already knew he was gay and said she couldn't be prouder. >> i hope his stats will speak for themselves, what he did as a college player, high school player, and nba player and i hope that sexual orientation doesn't define him as a man. it's just a part o
is over $200 million. that gets your attention pretty quickly. with tiger being a nike guy he changed from catalyst to nike with his gear. he everyone changed sunglasses from companies there. so you know money talks. big change there. >> what does he have to do? >> i think he's just got to, play more. i think he's got to play more and get more comfortable with the the ball and the ball flight and all those things and just have has to play more. that's whey he played last week when he -- that's why he played last week when he had not planned to change so he can get swing changes and to get further confidence with the equipment changes. >> and bubba watson who made a big shot last year to help him win the masters. >> he is such an emotional guy. he cried and talked about all it meant to wear the green jacket. >> you were talking about players changing equipment. mickelson another one that was talking about changing his equipment. he did not play before this tournament so phil mickelson not a factor in this masters either. >> and while most kids hi
like this in the neighborhood. so nike wasn't clear i'm in favor of the project >> thank you. next speaker >> good evening i'm christopher's. i live in the neighborhood and i've known those people for 15 years. they work 7 days a week and this project they've listened to the neighbors they have responded to everyone and i think you should disallow the appeal >> any other public comment? it doesn't look like it so you can rebut >> to answer sir, mr. honda there were thirty people in the neighborhood that was against the project there was no one in the neighborhood who wants it arrest they say jeff's a nice guy no one in the neighborhood is for this project. the lawyer i hate to increase my bias against lawyers i'm sorry not too many of you are lawyers. this lawyer made a settlement and we'd love to know what that settlement looks like. the lawyer doesn't live there. he was this liquid guy when jeff left the meeting that he was going to sue himself him and now jeff just made a major concessions to the building. obviously it was a legitimate complaint. we not all in the mode to sue
nike think it behoves you to get the inspectaculars out that. you're not enforcing this and the cabdrivers were having to line up behind them. i wanted to say that it doesn't look good that or i would ask you to support chris when she goes before those people. their bought and sold. you see they shut her off and i want you to pass a resolution to pass what she has to go through >> (calling names). >> good afternoon directors. march 19th meeting there were 3 hundred people here. told the people they couldn't take on electronic equipment. i would like to inform all the directors that 3 hundred people came here to say we don't want electronic radios. after this we'll think sending i a letter inviting you to court. as apps from hoover there will be more apps coming it's a net of the time. people wants not the way the taxis is doing and mta is about a year away and not suitable to this attrition. i'm looking at the people who receive the letters but they don't come to you and bye it. a number of rules of is expected to go further down with regard to buying madalinas. a
is limitless. >>> welcome back. nike is pulling t-shirts with the words "boston massacre" from its outlet stores. shirts have been on sale for years. nothing to do with the bombing. nike moving to stop the sales. allisison kosik is following th tory. >> reporter: this is the rivalry that everybody knows about, it's been going on for almost a century. these shirts are referring to september 1978 when yankees swept a four-game series from the red sox at fenway but the yankees winning four games by a lot that put the yankees in a tie for first with the red sox. yankees won the world series. that was dubbed the boston massacre a reference to the original boston massacre in 1770. i gave you that background because that's where the shirts originated from. but now they're being seen at inappropriate, insensitive, because the t-shirts have blood spatters over the word "boston." we did speak with nike yesterday, and here what happens they told us. this is an older item in light of the tragedy in boston we, quote, took immediate action to remove this frod distribution. interestingly enough, though,
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-shirt. thank you so much. have a good weekend, brian. will the return of tiger mean more green for nike? let's find out from bien brian sut man. can he be a driver for this stock, for nike? >> he definitely is a big name game coming back. co chairman and founder of nike was seen wandering around in the gallery. we've seen the stock do tremendously well. goldman initiated coverage. they've seen nice earnings growth. we're getting earnings growth from china. 25% last year. 27% revenues growth from emerging markets. nike has over 50% of the revenue from overseas, outside of the united states. this growth from china and the emerging market is high. let's see if it can make a new high. i'd be a buyer. their picture looks good. only a strong dollar would necessarily hurt them. maria, the way the commodity markets acted today, it's big for nike. >> thank you so much, brian. for more insight catch options action coming up at 5:30 p.m. at cnbc after closing bell. take a short break and my thoughts on justice being blind in the kpmg insider trading case. stay with us. >> announcer: options action is s
. i just want to be that simple. >> reporter: amy robach in new york. >> nike said it best. it is a level playing field out there. doesn't matter what the sexuality of the athlete is. that's what he is trying to say as well. if he goes back. he wants to go back as an athlete have his sexuality have nothing to do. >> doesn't want that to define him. wants to be defined by his play on the field. >> we get the sense this is going to start happening more and more. >> i think so. like, the crack in the dam, just going to go. yeah, i think a lot of professional athletes are going to come out soon. >> if they're out there. >> you never know. >> we'll watch. >> we'll be back. ♪ i can't believe we'd ever die for these sins ♪ ♪ we were merely freshmen >>> price of a college education has outstripped inflation. over 30 years tuition and fees have soared 570%. >> that is incredible. parents are squeezed to help pay some of the fees. and students are graduating deep in debt. abc's paula faris found some expert money saving advice for one family. >> reporter: tyler got into his dre
, they showed off the nike uniforms, the biggest change is a new logo with a snarling aggressive bear and a great football uniform option. this new logo and customized lettering will be used in all sports to eliminate the confusion of current uniforms. the new football coach says they will wear blue jerseys and gold pants at home and gray or white jerseys on the road. the bears on the season august 31 against northwestern. now it will be a fashion competition because nike provides new uniforms to the university of oregon almost every game. >> nike is based there in portland. >> i am not sure about the overt aggression, we have always been more subtle, i feel. >> there is little subtlety on the football field. >> maybe it will grow on me. mike nicco is checking on the wind. >> it is breezy. that is the winds of change coming back to the forecast and bringing cooler weather. as we look at live doppler 7 hd you can see how dry it is this morning. we are going to keep it dry for a while. no need for the umbrella unless the sunshine is not your thing. from sutro tower, a pretty picture of
than 3 hundred feet away it would have to pay an additional $14 plus in impact fees. so yep nike urge you guys to vote no. and a thank you any further speakers? >> good afternoon. i am living here on fifth street. i didn't have any intention to say something here >> excuse me. ma'am, could you take your hand off the microphone. >> i just want to share this, you know. i have been very emotional about this. i have a very, very hard to get housing here. i came from hawaii in 1993 expecting that i could have a good american way of living here. the american dream. but i i understand up in an apartment and it's very expensive. i work as a dell i didn't wageer only. your expecting to pay monthly for your bills and the landlords is very strict because they want someone to come in and have bigger rentals. so my expectation is that i will be more american way of living here in san francisco. but what i heard is that i h have heard i had read this obstacle limited housing. number one where? how much do you pay? how much do you earner to afford that small space for your family? now it is n
? >> absolutely right. okay, now nike, come on, you've got to go against a big guy. >> got to go against a big guy, but nike is making technology, along with consumable goods. you have your bands here and whatever, and you're going to tap into nike and they're going to tap back into you due to the bracelets and everything else. and they know who you are. trust me, they are tracking that. >> i love that company. yahoo! doing a good job. >> amazing job, coming around and is going to take that thing through the roof. >> you know that was an uncool company until she got there. >> absolutely. and managed. and you know what, they're doing a lot with apple. >> yes. >> right? they're doing what we call brand leveraging. if you're not cool enough, hang out with a person cooler. >> i like that. >> yeah, i do it all the time. you know all the other sharks on the "shark tank," they hang out with me because they want to be cool. they hang out with me. >> i feel like i'm on the "uss indianapolis" when i'm on this show. visa and master card. >> we're all broke these days, putting it on our cards and before you k
today. they were developed with nike and include a more four rugs row goe. they say it creates a new visual identity for the team while embracing tradition. >>> a bay area institute celebrates a milestone moment. how san francisco range in another anniversary in the journey of the cable car. >> if you were lucky enough to spend time outside today you know it was gorgeous. how long the warm weather will stick around. >> get the ktvu app or go to back in the day, we didn't have the u-verse wireless receiver. [ light laugh ] the tv stayed in one place... mmmmhmmmm. ...right next to the upstairs tv outlet. oh yeah. they can move the tv all over the place, even outside. grandpa... mmmhmm? kids have it easy nowadays. [ glasses clink ] i'm trying to tell ya. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles, and get a $150 promotion card. rethink possible. >>> the cal academy of science is showing off a new member of the family. a new baby penguin took his first swim this morning. he's a little more than 2 the months old. he had
know that the second part of nike question is why make this decision today when we have those upcoming pieces today. this was supposed to have this stand alone without the recommendations >> even if you the nothing else i need more taxis as soon as possible. people deserve that choice because it takes longer to get out you've got to train the drivers, theirs clearing processes geogetting the vehicles together and mark. we saw how long it took the last two hundred to get out on the road. the sooner the better >> and then the timeline piece of it when can we expect to see the other part of this. >> boo the meter rates and the gate fee issue. we're hoping to have that out in 4 to 6 weeks but whatever it is there it won't change the need you might argue it would change the - we need the timeline like yesterday. >> in that 4 to 6 weeks is that going to be - and you have to see how the taxi will be paid for. in part that case needs to be quick we can do it quick or closing slow in terms of interest we need to - looked like i i'd like to get it done as quickly as possible but in terms of
with apple. >>> coming up, a nike t-shirt with the words boston massacre stayed on sale for days after the bombings. we'll tell you what they're doing about that coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned... mercedes-benz for the next new owner. ♪ hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 1.99% financing during our certified pre-owned sales event through april 30th. >>> nike is pulling t-shirts with the words boston massacre from its out let stores. they have nothing to do with the bombings. one week after the tragedy, nike is know pulling the shirts. alison, these shirts are about the yank key, red sox rivalry. >> what those shirts refer to is the sweep the red sox had over the yank keys. many are finding them inappropriate and insensitive. they have boston massacre written on them. what nike told us is this is an older item. they took immediate action to remove the product from distribution. adee das did boston stands as one. these
airport. and ended up taking the flight. it kept getting pushed back and pushed back. this is a nike swoosh, unfortunately the swoosh part has tapered off. >> i thought it was interesting in the survey, that it depends on who you are. if you have a college degree, a little more optimistic, if you have a high school degree or less education, not so optimistic. what are you seeing in terms of the types of people looking for jobs. what's been your experience? >> that's exactly right. that's the way out for this country. education determines a workers earning for life. generally speaking, the more education you have, the better your chances are moving between industries and jobs. we're certainly seeing that today. >> you say that among the things that are affecting job growth are two factors. one low interest rates and the other, the money that has been pumped into the economy through qe of the money that's being pumped in by the federal reserve. you would think the job growth would seem rather artificial. what would it take to transition from what you describe as artificial job growth t
the 60s is -- 60s ? >> it is amazing nike didn't step in to fill the void, the sponsorship void after russia collapsed. >> why pick on nike? that was me speculating about the past. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something? click on submit a video. we might use it. >>> so by now you have experienced wall to wall coverage of this horrible crime. we know what kind of bombs were used, but we don't know who planted them. but we know that certain images will stay with us forever. this one especially. martin's life ended yesterday. right now speculating on who his killers are for the rest of the show is not going to change that. therefore we will return to the stuff that we normally do at "red eye" which will including doing silly stories and not so silly stories that occurred this week as well. while it is our job to loop these images over and over again on screen, you don't have to do the same thing in your mind. onward and upward. >>> to the next first silly story. should a nuclear menace slow down a gu
in a nike ad. i am the bullet in the chamber. >> he wanted to be a guy's guy and show that he could have everything he wanted. >> as 2012, the best year in young oscar's life was coming to an end, he landed one more prize, the gorgeous and talented reeva steenkamp. two beautiful people. >>> coming up. who was this woman who'd captured so many hearts? >> she was outspoken. she wasn't a shy little girl. she gave her opinion, and she had one. septic system breakdowns affect over 1 million homes a year... and can cost thousands of dollars to repair. thankfully the powerful dual action formula of rid-x has enzymes to break down waste... and time-release bacteria to reduce tank build up. rid-x, #1 in septic maintenance. but thanks to hotwire, this year we got to take an extra trip. because they get us ridiculously low prices on really nice hotels and car rentals. so we hit boston in the spring-- even caught a game. and with the money we saved, we took a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? ho
. >> reporter: nike is one of collins' sponsors. and the company supports his decision to go public by saying nike believes in a level playing field whether an athlete's sexual orientation is not a consideration. i'm cheryl hurd. nbc bay area news. >>> the first person jason collins confided in was his aunt, a prominent san francisco judge who has made history of her own. jodi hernandez continues our coverage. she has been a sounding board for a long time. >> reporter: she sure has. judge terry jackson calls her nephew a role model and a leader. she says he wanted to come out while he was still an active basketball player and felt this was the right time to do it. and she says his family is behind him all the way. >> i think jason can do whatever he wanted to do. he is a grown very intelligent man. whenever he decided to get the pros and cons i had his back. >> reporter: and jason collins' aunt said she couldn't be prouder of the huge step her nephew has taken. while the nba player has come out to the world he confided in her first a few years ago. >> he came out and i said i have known for y
of clash 148 million -- $148 million. well done. also, bill knight, nike's stock hit an all-time high tay closing at 62.63 a share. knight owns close to 2.9 million shares of nike. he made a one-day gain of $2.14 million. even when they say it's not, it's all about mt. -- about "money." ♪ ♪ melissa: so our top story tonight, there is money everywhere in the state of pennsylvania, they know right where to find it. the state is raking in $200 million in levies and taxes from the fracking boom, and that money is pouring right back into the communities responsible for it. states like new york and california, by the way, are hammering the rich to fill those fiscal holes. can more states follow pennsylvania's lead and stop just bleeding the everyday worker dry? for more on this i'm joined by robert bryce from the manhattan institute. robert, thanks for coming on the show. >> sure. melissa: first of all, this is quite a windfall when you look at the individual towns. i was reading a story about cumberland township in pennsylvania. they raked in half a million bad bucks, they bought a fire tr
% in 2013. don't ask how much it's low of march of 2009. unbelieve l. converse, a nike brand has 34 million likes. nike up 14%. disney comes in third, the favorite of the group, up 15% this year. what about second? goes to coke coca, 62 million likes. nice job. so far the stock is up more than 10%, and the company with thee most likes on facebook is facebook. got more than 90 million likes, but stock is down 1% this year. that throws out everything. here's how the most pop popular companies do today, everybody's up, not a bad day, dow jones up, nasdaq and s&p moving better as well. don't forget to "like" the countdown on and on twitter, trying to beat charlie. many people accused my next company of not -- call it what they call it -- fake, but the profits are real, no, we're not talking about herbal life, but we're talking about world wrestling entertainment, wwe. wwe's touring live event wrestlemania, now wrestlemania 29 is taking over new york and new jersey this week. look at 6th avenue. we sent a camera awhile ago, lines and lines of people. do you love this? waiting for w
too much red wine, you know you have a problem there. gerri: the nike fuel band got a lot of attention. but there are critics, do you like that product? >> the nike fuel band was not my favorite because it used this currency called fuel. you get points. you say i want to get 5000 fuel poin, you will be really active, and you try to reach that goal, i personally wanted more of a specific period i ran x. number of miles or i took x. number of things. it all depends on what you're into. gerri: it flashes come if you reach your goal, it is kind of cool. there are limits to this from what i have read. tell me what you found because you have really tried these out and test driven them. do they really tell you that much? at the end of the day, you know how far you ran and some of the activities you do, they don't really monitor. they are best at monitoring this. >> that is not necessarily true. i can wear this on my shoulder, has an accelerometer still tracking the movement throughout the day. not necessarily for the hard-core athlete, for somebody who is somebody whose navy secretary through
. that is a widely held stock. take a look at nike. nike jumping about one and a third quarter. the technology sector, that is the big winner right now. you can see with the nasdaq moving the way it is, it remains rather healthy. it is up 33 points at the moment. technology does remain one of the worst sectors for the year. healthcare looks pretty good. it is up year to date. nonetheless, overall, we have a very positive picture. fits right in with the sunshine and the palm trees. it is a think tank. what we have our big thinkers. we always have big thinkers on our floor show. as we began, we also have nicole petallides standing by on the floor in new york. first, to our traders. let's talk about why we see a rally today. >> it is a great example of the perversion of wall street. economies throughout the world are so bad that the central banks will have no opportunity other than the ecb to cut rates in the federal reserve to keep rates where they are. you had a very bad reading out of the dallas fed today. mr. fischer had been one of the proponents from using a way of quantitative easing. he has back
in so many years since all the controversy. nike puts out an ad. maybe show the ad if we have it. basically says "winning takes care of everything." >> critics saying failed marriage and infidelity scandal proved that winning does not take care of everything. tiger in his defense said, look, i've been saying that quote all of my career. it's an old quote that nike put out there. people have been jumping on it. i've been saying since i first turned pro, and he defends the quote. i just say give tiger a break. when you say that to a woman, you've got the look you got on your face. >> yeah. >> i'm over it. he did the crime. he got embarrassed. he lost his marriage. he lost millions and millions of dollars. let him play some golf, and let him move on. he didn't murder anybody, okay? >> but it kind of seems like the ad is referencing that. so that's bringing that back up. >> actually, i can understand that. the ad might not be the smartest thing. you're right. i agree with you on that. >>> let's talk about more relationship drama. we were talking about earlier in the week about rihann
. he made $1.4 million last season. nike is his only endorsement deal. the company doesn't use him in ads right now. but one marketing expert tells us collins could make seven figures. mikey might use him in specials. other endorsements, maybe speaking engagements could follow. but remember, until now, he's not a star, star athlete. so, the potential here could be limited. and we know the reason he did this is not for monetary reasons, of course. but, in terms of corporate america, the timing is right. advertisers are more open these days. jcpenney and revlon use ellen degeneres. and companies have come out in support of gay marriage. you can check out for more on this. >> wouldn't it be nice? it was something that we were talking about. monetizing this decision to come out. >> and his decision, when you read that amazing letter he wrote, it's just history. you know? so, he was making history, not making money off of this. but you know that corporations and other brands want to line up on the right side of history. you can see how this would be his personality could be his
. we got two-and-a-half questions for you today, sir. first off, i would like to start off with nike. >> i like nike, dynamite quarter. terrific. i would love it to come in after that gap up but it was really good. i like the quarter. i like the business. all right, let's go to scott in new jersey. scott! >> caller: boo-yah, jim, from a recent college grad. >> great to have young people on the show. what's up? >> caller: not too much. i'm new to the game. my stock is coh. >> all right. i was at a couple coach stores in the last two weeks. the shoe line is remarkable. the moccasins are doing well. the three-inch heel is doing incredibly well, this is from my sources. i think coach is done going down. i want to buy coh. wow. mike in texas. mike! >> caller: hey, jim. what's up? what's the deal with this sirius radio, s-i-r-i? >> i think sirius radio is a slow-grower here from 3 to 3.5. people keep getting excited. it does not have that kind of growth to power to five. don't be aggressive. tom in my home state of new jersey. tom! >> caller: hello there, jimmy. double boo-yah from tom and
chris yesterday was wearing the jersey of kevin ware. it's very cute. nike and some other manufacturers have come out with the jersey or his number or something about kevin ware. they're making money off it. you can't help but follow up on that question with, well, what about kevin ware? does he come out the winner in all this or is this the support around him, those supporters come out the winners? >> adidas has definitely scaled back its "profiting" off of kevin ware's injury. they've seen this is not good pr for them, much less the right thing to do. they've stopped putting together these t-shirts that were saying "win for ware" and donated some of the money they did make. that issue is a little bit behind him. right now he's trying to sort of contribute to the team. here you have a kid, he was a big part of this team and now all of a sudden they're at the biggest staej maybe this they'll ever get to when he's on the team. he has to sit there on the sideline with his leg wrapped up. that's been a little bit of after challenge for him himself. i think he's found ways to do that. he ca
at the beginning. here is gabby in the '90s captaining team nike at a pro-beach volleyball tournament. a fierce, 6'3" athlete. >> she rocketed to the top on the cover of every glossy magazine, the first woman to have a nike sneaker named after her and began hosting a tv show called "the extremist." that's where this guy came in. >> laird likes his waves like i like my men, tall, really tall. >> she says, you can see them falling in love on screen. >> i was surprised how good balance she had for such a tall girl. >> they moved in together eight days later. >> my whole life went completely upside down. >> that's a little fast. >> i know. i have daughters and i have to remember that story. it is just awful. >> in hindsight, it was all a little too much too fast. >> we got a cram course in the relationship, because we were together 24/7. >> what made things fall apart? >> laird is intimidating. he is wonderfully charming e is an intense person, personality. i didn't fully understand it yet. i thought when you love somebody, you don't say much and just keep everything smooth. >> you were holding yourse
. that would be obviously an upgrade. want to talk about the boston ma massac massacre t-shirts pulled for nike. designed for the siri between new york and red sox. they had the word boston massacre. nike's pulled them from the market. they were still on sale several days after the bombing, that's what the apology's been around. the shoiirts have been around f a while. >>> people experiencing long delays at airports because of spending cuts. thousands of air traffic controller furloughed which means fewer take-offs and fewer landings. >> if there's some cost cutting and i don't feel it too badly, i'm all for it. if it becomes painful i think we need to figure out another way to deal with things. >> we're all going to pay the price. >> if your flight's delayed, we want to hear from you. cnn ireport. let noise what's happening at the airport where you are. the town of west texas is getting ready for a visit from president obama and the first lady. they'll go to baylor, university, near by waco. 14 people died. several deceased first responders, volunteer fire department rushing in to save others.
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